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Health and Wealth Creation,Mens Health and Beauty Toronto/Halifax

Mens Spa Toronto

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Toronto based Health and Beauty Men’s Spa Therapist @ #Male Beauty Forum; Toronto Men’s Body Hair Grooming Services Mancave established since 1997, with a satellite #Men’s Spa Manscaping studio coming to Halifax Nova Scotia in 2016.
Currently very active in multiple aspects of Social Media; to meet with and connect to like mindset people.
Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

To make it happen in these challenging yet exciting zero point 2012 times, of Wealth Transfer.
As well as the health consciousness that is very much a part of the mindset of the people in the know.Since we are the ones responsible for our Mental,Physical as well as Financial Health,governments are simply no longer there for us.

Health & Wellness, Longevity,Anti aging as well as my passion for painting my artwork.
All serving to share relevant Information with like minded people who are looking for this.I am often told by clients that it’s hard to find Web content out there that makes sense, since most of it is so really well written and triple checked that it loses it;s relevancy meaning capacity to connect and maintain connections and bonds that come with being the go to guy source for Health & Wealth Creation .
Not the style Porn of Mansions, Yacht and hoopla that is out there, but practical info on how to develop and rise up to a more Affluent lifestlye; so you can build and own; instead of just watch and dream. Big difference, so read on.

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