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Swim Goggles ™

Silicone Swimming Goggles on Amazon

Sharky Cool Silicone Swimming Goggles on Amazon










Swim Goggles

The brand-new brand registered; Male Beauty Forum Lifestyle store on Amazon . Is glad to see the development made on the recently launched product.

The company Branded Sharky Cool Silicone Swimming Safety glasses are designed for a snug and protected fit on all adult face and head types. They are made so they do not drip, slide or mist up. They are also fantastic for outside wear because they have UV defense to keep your eyes secure.
Made with Optic Top quality Polycarbonate lenses with leak insusceptible Silicone skirt for long lasting use; since silicone is not subject to damaging down like plastic will when exposed to elements like sea salt or chlorine.


Swim Goggles

They Do well in all kinds of water sports; from swimming to jet ski. Or even in harsh climate sports like bicycling or skiing, the awesome and sleek design has an aspect of making them very hot to use, rather than wacky looking.
The Quick Fit one touch buckle system with modifications, make them an one time fit and forget to your functions, simply put on and go. The leakage immune silicone skirt around the eyes ensures they stay completely dry and free of cost to concentrate.
Economical return on your sporting tools financial investment on this Luxury Swimming accessory, Silicone will last much longer then plastic versions which rust and eventually deteriorate from the exposure to chlorine or sea and salt. Part of Guy Elegance Forum Lifestyle attitude of supplying high quality and value on our advancing Luxury Way of living products line, right here on the Amazon platform.



 Swim Goggles

Sharky Cool Silicone Swimming Goggles on Amazon

Sharky Cool Silicone Swimming Goggles on Amazon

Click the Add to Cart button alongside this Swim Goggle product description and have it sent to your door, in a couple of days.

Bitcoin Exchange Bot ™

Bitcoin Exchange Bot

Bitcoin Exchange Bot

Bitcoin Exchange Bot

This new Bitcoin Crypto Currency is currently generating a bigger and bigger buzz since the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto invented it back in 2009.
Mainstream media may say otherwise ;however Bitcoin is definitely part of the economy of the Future. A very interesting non mainstream, independent decentralized (Governments cannot Kill it),open source currency meaning ( Governments have no say in it ). Built and traded on a newly emerged platform of technology, Sending governments into a panic, since they cannot own or control it.Not tied to any government ,therefore not affected by inflation…. Making for a never before seen phenomenon, in times where the masses have lost faith in governments and financial institutes.It has a look and feel straight out of a new rebooted Matrix movie at this , since we are living in Matrix/Tech times of great post zero point 2102 change… we really are.

Bitcoin Exchange Bot

In brief:
P2P ( Person to Person) money when transferred,has it’s authenticity confirmed by two or more other virtual wallet holders.
It has very little fees,an increasing number of big name merchants are accepting it, funds are sent with ease over the internet, phone or even a QR code where a set amount can be added ( a form of Gift Card).

You may read as well: on my other Bitcoin Exchange Blog post at Male Beauty

In Brief Bit coins are created by Created by Bit mining in Block Chains ( Big banks of computers that solve very complicated mathematical equations)
Once these equations are solved Bit coin is Earned by that person.

Very expensive to mine since the computer resources needed are large and use a lot of electricity.A cap of 21 million bit coins has been set, after which no knew Bitcoin mining will be done.At that time estimates of Bitcoin value is estimated by experts to soar to a value between 50:000- 100,000 due to it’s limited scarcity.Also note that at the current rate of mining experts predict, the number of Bitcoins will reach this limit of 21 million by the year 2140.

Therefore it is easier to buy and sell bit coins then to invest in the mining of it, hence the popularity, high action,volatility,massive up and down aspect of this P2P crypto currency, trading nonstop 24/7. Unlike the world stock exchanges that are only open business hours and closed at night.Trading is stressful, since chart reading is an acquired skill.The massive ROI makes that Bitcoin Trading it is not for those prone to gambling addiction personality types.Never forget it’s very volatile ( meaning one can gain or loss lots of money very fast).

I’ve been watching very informative webinars from a young entrepreneur Micheal X, who has created a Bitcoin Exchange Bot software. Which downloads onto your Google Chrome browser, is on 24/7 as it follows the trading trends based on the EMI signals on several different exchanges at the same time and calculates the odds based on the trends,and long term tracking strategies, taking the insane nervous breakdown edge of of this Online trading medium.
It can buy and sell for you at the prices you set it to buy and sell so you do not have to be up and watching the feed 24/7.

Bitcoin Exchange Bot

It must be very clear to all that this is not a magic Genie in a Bottle; it is simply a software tool calculating Odds and Probability by doing permutations and combinations.
The software designers are very clear with their Disclaimers… stating earnings and results vary and depend on you as well as the software.

Popular exchanges are BTCe,MTGov amongst others. Trading Fees vary from each exchange however setting up accounts have no fees.Getting and account with trading exchanges is quite easy ,you just basic Picture Id ( a copy of a Bill invoice and drivers license )
It takes 2 -3 weeks to get accepted and get your own trading account tied in with only your computer API address not your personal info, meaning you remain anonymous.
For Super Verified status a Notary can get a legal Government document, and give their signature stating that you really are who you say you are.

One can enter the playing field with as little as $50:00 to $100:00 to buy part of a single bit coin ( 0.4 or 0.5) with these parts of a coin being kept in your virtual wallet. Sensational seeking mainstream news is always there to report Hackers breaking into virtual wallets, however Wallet securing features are ensuring this happens less and less, as well as the P2P feature helps since all transactions are verifies by 2 or more co wallet holders.

All very interesting shift in such a major field as world finance it makes for a very interesting phenomenon to not only watch but become active in .Since world cash is doing a serious crash and burn number by the day,as it has always done from toppling over Nation to Nation

Have a look at this Bitcoin Exchange Bot webinar and get back to me as to what you think….

Testosterone Replacement Therapy ™

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

& the 4 Dangers Destroying Men

Major truth is that as we age our levels of Testosterone and sperm count diminish, actually 90% of it between the ages of 27 & 70. As does the essential vitality,success strength & confidence that goes with it . Many Medically Researched and documented reports and books like (Testosterone Revolution) by Malcolm Carruthers go into great detail on this Male Testosterone thing.
The Testosterone Revolution: Rediscover Your Energy and Overcome the Symptoms of Male Menopause
Research on this topic will confirm how sperm counts have done nothing but drop,an alarming 50 % between 1940 1990 with the downward trend continuing .

All to the the point where many 20 year old males have sperm count levels of men 4 times their age,they really do. With feeling tired,sluggishness, depression, low libido,nervousness, insomnia, as well as that almighty roll of fat at the waist that simply will not go away, no matter what. Like old men already;at that young an age. All of us just a weak shadow of our ancestral Alpha Male selves due to this alarming decrease in Male Sperm Count…. Major Truth.

Click to: Watch interview Clear concise Info with Dr Breen

 Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is by far the single most important hormone to men;with a good Testosterone Booster you get Strong /high sperm levels; which creates Alpha Males who have the Winner Effect High of Athletes. Men who are Bolder stronger more assertive with a natural more lean Muscle mass, high Libido,Bone mass,higher Immune Function,lower risk of Cancer as well as (Heart disease which is still the Biggest #1Killer of all).

In Brief the 4 Major Signs are:

#1 Cell phones… with their EMF signals as we carry them in our pant pockets;right next to our Prime Real Estate.Mainstream talks of the dangers of wireless signals yet we can’t live without em’. Well live with them just don’t carry them around in your pant pockets.Tim Ferris speaks about it in his 4 Hour Body book.
The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman

#2 Stress levels in our lives: be they Financial, emotional Job etc.. High Stress levels are responsible for reduced sperm levels,as well as 80% of diseases .And it also creates a real thing called Cortisol (known as the Death Hormone)

#3 Estrogen producing toxins: like Plastics (the #1 pollution source in the Human Body), these are Hormonally Disruptive, to say the least.
Estrogen destroys our prostrate ( our 2nd most important Gland and increases the risk of cancer).
Note…In some cases the estrogen level in 50-60 year old males can actually be higher then in females of the same age group.

#4 Diet and nutrition; Less sugars,because they are bad empty food that rob us of Testosterone building nutrition. Eat and more Fats(Saturated as well as those found in Avocados and nuts, because they are good for you…plain and simple.
Less soy since soy + more estrogen,
Herbs = more and better testosterone.

A brief list of High Quality Dietary Supplement Herbs Found in Test-0-Boost ;

Bad ones are Horny Goat weed, Fadogia (since they have side effects )

Good ones Tong Kat Ali ( Known as Long Jack) which has essential building blocks Eurypeptides & Glycosaponins,Increasing levels of testosterone, HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) IGF-1( Insulin Growth Factor 1 )levels, and good news it decreases Estrogen levels.
Some claim it actually Increases Penis size ,due to it’s capacity to maintains high levels of testosterone in your body.Like at puberty when Penis size develops significantly.

Tong Kat Ali from Indonesia is the one to get since the Malaysian one is a declared protected plant therefore no wild harvesting is allowed. And one Grown commercially has Lead in it.

Tribulus Terrestris;Great for increasing ejaculation volume, boost libido and sperm count,

L-Arginine – Helps in the production of more growth hormones in the body and also increases the amount of nitric oxide, vital in muscle development.

Muira Puama (potency wood) for Bigger strong erections,

Zihi Shou Wu: for good Anti -Aging & Longevity qualities.

The standard Ginseng and Astragulus good to increase the Blood Chi energy and flow .


Extensive research has lead me to research for a Safe & Cost effective solution to an Alternative Testosterone replenishing therapy.Simply due to the quality of the principal active ingredients, which for me has always been, and remains the make or brake Key Factor in my having trust in any products.



Anti-Inflammatory Support ™

Natural Body Defense for Anti-Inflammatory Support

Natural Body Defense for Anti-Inflammatory Support

For most Anti-Inflammatory Support

and Joint Inflammation is hardly considered a serious condition. However, it is not as harmless as it seems. Aside from causing sharp pain or some unpleasant sensation in your joints or anywhere in your body, it may affect major organs. It has an effect on your whole body. According to Time Magazine, it can lead to diseases like heart attack. It is therefore in your best interest to treat your inflammation with a good Alternative therapy like supplements that can go a long in preventive medicine.This Health and Wellness info site can offer you the best natural supplement for inflammation that helps your system fight this condition.

During the past two decades, Alternative medicine Practitioners have done plenty of research on this subject. Their comprehensive studies have proven that phytochemicals in herbs and spices are safe and effective natural remedies of inflammation.

Natural Body Defense, known and ranked amongst the best natural supplement for inflammation, has ingredients like turmeric and ginger that has been considered useful for thousands of years. These herbs were extracted with a special method, in order to keep their great healing qualities. Natural Body Defense does not contain harmful ingredients like synthetic ingredients or chemicals. It is also gluten free.

Content providers like David Lyons, founder of the MS Fitness Challenge, has provided advice to athletes and celebrities. He has appeared on CBS news. He is the author of David’s Goliath, a book of motivation and hope. David was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of forty-seven. He hardly could move a limb. He was afraid that he would have to live in a wheelchair. He refused to give up. Due to his strength and persistence, he could recover from this serious illness. David Lyons became a bodybuilder and took part a competition. Even Kevin Sorbo, the famous actor known from his role as Hercules, has praised and recommended this touching and empowering book.

Anti-Inflammatory Support

Many researches have already proven that boswellic acids, natural organic acids coming from the plant Boswellia, have anti-inflammatory effect. They can help enormously with medical conditions like ulcerative colitis and asthma.

Bromelain is a group of enzymes coming from the stems of pineapples. It has been used for medical purposes for several decades, it is a known alternative medicine. It has anti-inflammatory effect, and, taken with rutin and trypsin, it can help as well with the ever present osteoarthritis. On the flip side of things, its side-effects can include a risk of blood clotting and post surgery bleeding. It can elevate heart rate, too.
Curcumin, coming from turmeric, is an effective natural antioxidant that has been used for healing, amongst others, inflammations.
Ginger is amongst the best natural remedies. It helps against nausea and arthritis. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect. It is very good against contagious diseases. It is not recommended for those who have problems with the circulatory system.
For example White Willow Bark Extract,Quercetin and rutin are excellent antioxidants.

Very few people know that Inflammation is your body’s response to threats, it is a defense mechanism, it means that your body is trying to fight off viruses, bacteria, infection, irritation, or injury. It causes redness, a sensation of heat and irritation, swelling, and pain. It may appear in many parts of the body.
The immune system triggers inflammation to defend the system against harmful stimuli. However, when the inflammation gets out of hand, it may lead to other problems.
So,you simply have to take care of yourself if inflammation goes out of control.

Whether you are an athlete, suffering from post-workout inflammation, or you are a person of advanced age, you are probably familiar with inflammation.
To read more and further your understanding on this topic visit my other Alexa ranked Natural Body Defense site and see how it ranks amongst the best natural supplement for inflammation, and how it can serve as a perfect solution for you.

Anti-Inflammatory Support prevents inflammation from turning chronic.

FG xpress PowerStrips™

claude.fgxpress product

FG xpress PowerStrips

,are a new skin patch worn daily,to bring vital energy to those parts of the body that need it,and bring bio regenerative properties to week ,injured or chronic pain areas.
By increasing energy, a relief of pain as one of the prime benefits felt. Which is why, PowerStrips™ are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device by the FDA that can be used for pain relief.

For the millions of people who suffer from chronic and acute pain on a daily basis; this is great news…

PowerStrips™ are a patented fusion of energy, technology and ancient herbs… Each topically applied in two layers. The outer layer contains elemental Germanium.The inner or adhesive layer contains a proprietary blend of: Fermented Korean Red Ginseng, nutrient Silver & (Alpha-c CMPTM) Marine Phytoplankton. .
Now in more then 130 countries

The financial marketing aspect of FG xpress allows entrepreneurs to maximize income by using the X Tribe duplication system to get on a very real fast track to financial freedom.

All part of the My Forever Green wealth sharing mission.

Click opportunity link and watch video below to learn the rest

However in life as in all business, your results may vary, and will be purely based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.
There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may have.
The examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

However FGXpress is “designed” to bless millions of people with billions of residual earned dollars,and the companies intent is to move money and commodity around the world at record pace.

Since Money is a major part of our health and well being.So people with an interest in Health and Wealth creation will see a vehicle by which they can have both. It is not for greedy self centered get rich quick/money for nothing types…


FG xpress PowerStrips

Click to read more on the impressive Pain Relief Power Strips and watch video below where Power Strip users talk about their experiences using the product.

Inspiration on a Final Note
Everyday of the week, FG Xpress will invest in a new entrepreneur. We have aligned ourselves with Kiva, a well known, internationally operated, non-profit organization, with the internet to bless the lives of struggling entrepreneurs who need financial support.

FG xpress PowerStrips

Visit my Male Beauty Forum to read even more on this great Chronic Pain Relief solution.

Go ahead and Connect with FGXpress…

Create and witness with us the new face (entrepreneur), the new business, every day of the week.

Click here to learn more on this FGXPRESS TECHNOLOGY

Coffee Espresso Machine Popularity™

Cafe Espresso machines
Cafe Espresso machines

Coffee espresso Machine Popularity

is up these days due to the new world order mindset of work from home and stay at home as much you can to avoid the craziness; of how busy and things are out there these days . This Home Brewing Java Culture has produced a marked increase in the Home brewing Barista  movement. Evident in the numerous well written and informative Web 2.0 Blog community. Coffee is not the 2nd most bought,traded and sold commodity in the world for no reason, it remains a source of great Java tasting pleasure. And with all good things ,people who take pride in doing good things right are becoming their own roast master/barista brew types and are getting their own  equipment to do it it right.So as to produce a beverage like World Barista Champion Francesco Sanapo who can produce a cup of espresso love that has up to 800 different fragrant aromas in each cup…not like  mainstream nicotine spiked stuff.

Have a look at the pdf doc. on my Espresso Cafe Machine Press Release

This new increase in home coffee bar culture is reflective of the generally poor coffee service in the restaurant  dining industry.Mainstream Shift continues away from the over priced tired brands like the Starbucks,Tim Horton and seriously marketed McCafe Specialty gang, consumed by the cattle.

All a far cry from the connoisseur brew created in 1948, with the invention of the machine that could produce 8 bars of pressure to create a Java brew that was tastier, had better aroma and taste resulting in a very successful industry.

Have a look at the Coffee Culture Euromax Video that showcase the pretty exclusive Milan Museum collection of Enrico Maltoni and marvel at the designs like WoW…

Coffee Espresso Machine

Retail home espresso being worlds away from the frozen in time Restaurant Coffee Zombies,oblivious to Organoleptic characteristics.These new world order savvy people are not interested in stale ground beans packed for weeks in a sealed capsules or pouch .Home coffee espresso machines enable you to experience and share the joy of being your own  creative source in the art of  cafe latte,acidity,cafe creme, flat white,of course “Macchiato” and all that other cool Barista Culture Stuff.

Health and Beauty therapist Claude Edwin Theriault, using his various Alexa ranked web platform  to now publish: Health & Lifestyle product select pages Male Beauty Forum 2013. So as to express his Home and Lifestyle passionate interest ,instead of only his interest in Health and beauty products.

Enjoying the shift very much, since it provides the opportunity to personally research and publish the best in consumer info sources to help online shoppers make better informed decisions in their purchases from Art Deco to Counter top.Be they coffee machine listings for college students to the big Daddy Cimbali restaurant types.

Have a look at Amazon listed Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine
and discover a great source of reviews and information on this great coffee culture topic.

Coffee Espresso Machine

Since DIY and serious natural selection is the mindset these days at the Male Beauty Forum. So as to keep and maintain a clear vision as top what you want /don’t want and how to go about finding the right fit for your needs and means.


Hand held GPS Devices ™


Hand held GPS Devices

Hand held GPS Devices

In no time The Global Positioning System (GPS) devices have gone from big units to Hand Held GPS devices and their use has become pretty well standard procedure with most avid out door enthusiast of hiking,boating mountaineering or even automobiles now have them as standard features. Since they simply are a great device to have to ensure ones safety when out there in the elements.

Micro technology has made them  small lightweight and increasingly affordable. With standard features  or rugged & waterproof, good battery life and of course ever increasing accuracy in position due to their parallel multi-channel design,plus mapping & downloading data from geocaching web-sites.

In brief GPS  is a satellite-based navigation system consisting of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. It Was originally intended for military applications, but in the late 90s,  the system was available for civilian use, where it’s use and applications became very popular.Since GPS works 24/7 in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world,plus with no subscription fees or setup charges to use GPS is a win win for all.

Hand held GPS Devices

Have a look for a clear and concise walk through video guide to the popular Garmin Hand Held GPS models.

in brief the system works with GPS satellites circling the earth twice a day in a very precise orbit and transmit signal information to earth. The GPS receivers take this information and use triangulation to calculate the user’s exact location, by comparing the difference between when the time a signal was transmitted by a satellite to the time it was received. In is this difference in time that tells the GPS receiver how far away the satellite is. Then with distance measured from a few more satellites, the receiver can calculate the user’s position and display it on the unit’s electronic map giving you a position fix.

All great techie stuff Guys love so much to toy with in the great outdoors


The basic functions of GPS devices are:

They tell you where you are right now by displaying your present coordinates,as well as where you are in relation to other way-points you’ve programmed, while mapping-capable units can also show you where you are on a digital map.

Hand held GPS Devices

Keeping track by recording your travel when this feature is enabled.Great for those who want to keep a record of their hike, run, or drive. Which allows you to  backtrack  in your own footsteps.

Point to point navigation directing you to a destination or waypoint by giving you the direction and distance to your given coordinate.

Enables you to put together a navigation route  or download a series of waypoints to create a planned path of movement on your route.

After extensive reading I found the choice and price options to be quite confusing so I published a comprehensive guide you can use to find the one to match your specific needs, when you are looking to Buy a GPS Online.

Save yourself time and visit Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator
see how right this model could be the right fit for you & your needs.


Home Security Surveillance Systems ™

Home Security Surveillance Systems

These days more and more people are showing an increased interest in  Home Home security surveillance systemsSecurity Surveillance Systems. Since they have come long way from the bulky setups with grainy picture and sound.With the current use of DVRs, systems deliver a far  better quality in even smaller cameras.  These cameras you set up can easily keep an eye on your house while on vacation, or while your children are home alone. Owners now have  the ability to view their homes and properties remotely from any computer/iphone device. From across town or anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

These new Security Surveillance Cameras Systems are now available for both indoor and outdoor use, with many with features like waterproof durability and infrared imaging that will allow you to see what is going on in the dark. Since intruders  or burglar can hide their appearance in the dark, but they can’t hide their body heat,which shows up on infrared.

Home Security Surveillance Systems

All very sci-fi future world like,yet now an easy part of or lives and the ensured safety of our lives and property.

Click to watch a simple video on how simple a Security Surveillance Systems can be.


In brief there are  Wired Home Security systems which are a bit more costly and hiring a professional to install it; is a good idea.Then there are  Wireless Home Security Systems that are quite easily put together and affordable.

There are Covert and Overt systems :   Home Security Surveillance Systems

Covert Systems keep everything hidden,they are generally  used for watching the activities of people that work in and around your home. Where Overt systems are  placed so that they are visible. The system cameras are available in Dome, Bullet & Infrared.

Dome cameras are mostly found on ceiling and are especially great since intruders aren’t able to tell where the camera is pointed.

Bullet cameras are the most common because they are good for inside and outside,and are small and weather resistant.

Infrared cameras are the most expensive but they work very day or night.

Black and white cameras are the most popular since they work much better in low light, and offer better resolution as well. Color is rarely necessary unless it is a specific instance where the color of a vehicle would be of added importance.

Most popular types of monitors used are TV and computer screen, which is easy.

Lastly it’s the Motion detectors that tend to be  the most costly feature in a surveillance system. However, they are vital since the motion detector allows the camera to record only when it is triggered by motion;  which saves a lot on recording space and the time it takes to check  the video file records.

For a more detailed list of the ones that are ranking with consumer reviews visit the Amazon listed Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB H.264 Internet & 3G Phone Accessible 4-Channel DVR with 4 Night Vision Cameras and 500 GB HD
to fast track your learning curve.

Evolution of The Male Nude, form in Art™

Evolution of Male Nude Depictions in Art

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault

Evolution of The Male Nude

From early cave wall depictions to Adam and Eve.The Male Nude form was used to express, the exploits of the Myths and Gods and its connection to the common man.As societies developed to the Renaissance there was still a need to keep using the Male Nude form to “tell the story” of the evolving human race. Church and State tried to restrict depictions, yet they were it’s biggest patron. Artist found ways to get around “the issue”, even though the public was not often all for it. When Michelangelo completed the David statue and had to move it cross town, the public simply could not handle it. They actually threw stones at it,since nothing so big and nude had ever been brought into the light of day.

Parallel thing going on today on certain levels ,yet on others like mainstream advertising the Male Form is the new platform. And interest is there, and part of the post zero point 2012 mindset shift.

Evolution of The Male Nude

However it did move things up in the collective mindset ,since it is so much on the back burner of the collective consciousness of all humankind regardless of race,sex or sexuality it has stayed on.

In recent years things have fast forwarded yet remained quite the same on a lot of levels. Only with Media depictions of models in fine photography being such a strong presence in the worlds pop art culture,iconic representations from Spiderman to Tarzan have established the male form as a staple in the mainstream providing it is covered up, due to Church and State still being very much there to control things.

Evolution of The Male Nude, in Art
Have you read the NY times story on the extended Life Imitates Art Male Nude Art show at the
Leopold gallery in Vienna it is a serious indication on the serious interest on this topic.

However with advertising Photography being the new Media God, it is the Hirsute underwear ads that have established themselves as the new depictions of Myths and Gods. Of course with the opposite extreme of porn having devoured it’s own self due to it’s becoming so Web2.0 mainstream, that we are left with a somewhat at times dull and bland market parade of male flesh.

Click below to view my 20 Video Playlist.

For now good innovative Artistic representations are getting increasingly hard to find. However it will soon provide us with a yet new renaissance of artistic expression with coming of the post 2012 zero point,and the arrival of Aquarius mindset.I feel strongly we shall see our race in such a “New Light” fine art depictions will be of a new and more-original art inspired as well as more eclectic nature.

To enhance your website reading and viewing experience Visit my Online Male Nude Art Gallery

Mens Pubic Hair Grooming™

Mens Pubic Hair Grooming™

mens pubic hair grooming

mens pubic hair grooming

Gazing onto the Beauty that gazes back at you creates the need for the third most popular Hair menu item at The Toronto Male Beauty Forum Spa grooming treatment list of must haves:The “Pubian Nubian Is here to Stay”. All in all an easy to do Hair-Do. First in a shower stall for easy pick up and rinse away of hair,do a comb out then clipper over comb for a controlled and even crew cut look,peripheral upper thigh is important,a wide spread bush makes a man look wider then he is at the mid-section ,trimming to short and narrow gives a sleeker look and feel to the topography leaving a nicely arched and even bush as a crowning glory “atop the rigging’s”. After the clear cutting and peripheral done it’s time for”The Shave”. In a still steamy shower stall or after the applications of a hot wash cloth the skin pores are ready to respond to a shave blade with no resistance,use a high quality,nick proof multi blade.

I Have been reading up on a new Self sharpening razor called Born Sharp it is the Future,go have a read .

Men’s Pubic Hair Grooming
Note the importance of using a plain body gel,not commercial zinc and aluminum laced commercial foam.
Remember to work the topography methodically,do not be in a hurry. Work nice and slow left to right circle reaching as far into the underside of the Chassis as is comfortable.For further in you may squat down to reach the Cleft and Rosebud,then rinse.To avoid irritation and itching do not over-shave,meaning scrape and scrape for hours once a year,to shave hair overgrown from no maintenance. Men’s bodies grow hair, so we cut hair, Shaving Men’s genital Hair does not make it grow back more or stronger,as for ingrown hairs ; do a full body scrub to keep skin and pores nice and non clogged and you should be fine.This is a basic routine that takes 2.3 minutes of you time once/month,plain simple.Yet leave you looking groomed and presentable should a more intimate clothing reduced moment arise….

To enhance your website visit experience Visit my other Alexa ranked authority site MaleBeautyForum

Leave the Neurotic Obsession to the EIUC “i.e. Emotionally Inbred Urban Chihuahuas” obsession for perfect and do touch ups to maintain things instead.And of course Color once/month on Chest abdomen and Pubic Hair Bush if your in the gray or white zone.Since coloring can take years off of your look…it really can.
For the hassle free tool that can help you with this Check out the Philips Norelco QG328 Multi Groom Pro.

It’s all basics to have a natural looking Pubian Nubian,instead of the over killed “Manzillian”Strip,straight out of the Porn-Fed Web-realm ,turning ones Manhood into a Latex and Rubber Bavarian porn feast prop.

Manscaping Services Toronto

Have a read that further explains this phenomenon; as well as how to have it outsourced for your convenience  at my Blogger page post on Manscaping Services Toronto.